other side of madness
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My name is Scott

I enjoy drinking coffee and being a brat

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don’t even bother reading this, its a rant

tumblr, a place were you will see a picture of a dude with 4000 notes with girls reblogging saying “ungh” or “come to me” that as another male you look at and say “look at this fucking skinny bitch who if had a gun to his head couldn’t even hit his body weight on a  bench or in a squat rack” 

i will never understand (no, i am not jealous) of how a man that has some bullshit cool guy haircut that is currently the fad go to style, the clean pomp and side part with plenty of murrays/layrite and some bullshit oxford shirt with some out of nowhere throat tattoo or hand tattoos wearing some boots that weighs 140 lbs and is undoubtedly a size “smedium” is the current love for girls. 

For the most part 2-3 years ago they were wearing toms and second skin tight pants with scene hair and horrible “starter” tattoos done while they were still letting their balls drop. 

maybe those scene style girls themselves grew up and they want some rough and tumble man. Well Find them, they usually don’t wear size smalls or medium in those nice button ups. They wear large, or extra large. 

i dont understand it, having tattoos on your throat and weighing 140 lbs doesn’t hid the bitch in you dawg. If this were the barbaric times, you would have been thrown into a pit cause you were born weak. You would have never lasted; Natural selection at its finest. Now these dorks hide their weak frames behind tattoos and mens masculine haircuts and blue collar fashions from the days from when men were men. I remember hearing and learning about times when a tattoo on your throat said ‘walk on the other side of the street.’ Now these tattoos scream, “come look at me”, “ask me about it” and “i took this mirror picture with my tattoos placed in the frame for your pleasure.”

Maybe this opinion or “rant” is based on the fact that I feel that i am proud of hard work and my fitness and at one time when i was much younger i was small and skinny, but i was small and skinny cause i was 13, not because it was a style. Im 27 and weigh 194 lbs and it was made through mistakes, hard work, gym time and eating like my body wants/needs. No, i am not saying I’m better or that i am some alpha male and men should look like me. No, i am not perfect. Yes, i am a weak human, i have the same weak organs, muscles, bones and can be broken like the rest but i am proud to be how i should be and that i am not as weak as them. I guess its easy to look up a style on the internet while you’re in between graphic design projects and check youtube videos on the optimal pomp part for hair, Fucking fruits. We Live in a world where even the weak can strive. Bring back the Raw life. 

you’re trying to hard. Take that 20 mins you normally take waxing your handlebar mustache  you pseudo “gangs of new york” dork and spend the 20mins doing 10 sets of 20 push ups instead, because to wear the medal of masculinity you need a chest to put it on first.